Horses Wet and Wild – Work in Progress

The Preliminary painting which is 20″ x 36″ which will help me do the finished piece which is 30″ x 50″. I do not normally do a practice piece before doing the final painting but this is a very complicated composition. I want to include 60 horses of all different colors. I want to achieve action and momentum. That is why I needed to practice. Oh, and did I mention that I have not painted horses too often. They are very difficult in my opinion. Fruit is much easier.

horses - Painting in progress

The Plunge Into The Canvas

Finally, the plunge into the canvas!!!! I am trying to stay as much as possible with my original plan. I have had to make some adjustments. The challenge is to get all the horses in proportion, diminishing size to the back of the herd. This requires some serious concentration. Right now, the horses look cut out and pasted on but that can be corrected in the final steps of the painting. I might have to take a paper towel dipped in some color and smush over the whole thing. Would I dare????

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