Chaotic Claim

Painting 30″ x 40″ Belizean/American artist Carolyn Carr Carolyn, her husband John, and two daughters began their Belize Adventure in 1973. They purchased Banana Bank Ranch near Belmopan. For 10’s of thousands of tourists, travelers, investors, divers, fishermen, snorkelers, and … Continued

Tolerance 2

There is an off-handed, indifferent phrase to brush off issues that do not personally affect us. We say “I don’t have a dog in the fight”. This saying comes from the terrible arena of using fighting dogs for sport and … Continued


High up in the mountains above Antigua Guatemala is a small city where Mayan traditions and Catholic rituals merge to produce a culture devoted to the absence of time or progress, where faith is rooted in the past. The once … Continued

River Run

This painting is about 30″ x 50″. Over the years Banana Bank had had many outstanding horses and so my dream was to do a painting with the best ones running together in a large herd. They are coming out … Continued