River Run

This painting is about 30″ x 50″. Over the years Banana Bank had had many outstanding horses and so my dream was to do a painting with the best ones running together in a large herd. They are coming out of the river in the area of the Sandy Bay. I was determined to get 60 horses in the composition and I think there should be 60. We do not have any paints in our herd. Otherwise coloration ranges from ghostly white to jet black and about every shade in between of buck skins, sorrels, greys, chestnuts, palominos, roans and bays. Most are quarter horses or thoroughbreds or a mix of the two. I did my best to make the horses in the painting resemble the actual horses, some from the past and some still alive.

My personal favorites over the years have been the black ones. Maybe that is why the black horses figure most prominently in the painting including the big black Percheron mare to the left in the back and the two to the left in the front.

We have had race horses and trail horses, kids horses and even a few widow makers. Out of the river runs much of the history of Banana Bank in the splashing water, driving slosh of the horses hoofs and the drovers, in this case Miss Pat Shaw at the right and John Carr to the left. These two, along with countless others over the years have ridden the length and breadth of Banana Bank monitoring and tending every aspect of this domain.

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